Triptych Music is an Australian record label featuring artists from home and abroad.

Founded by Lauren Ren and Adam Hocker who have extensive knowledge in the music industry and an eye for new talent, Triptych Music is the culmination of years of work in the entertainment industry.

Triptych’s purpose is to cultivate incredible new talent and provide indie musicians with a platform to showcase their music worldwide.

Triptych Music is a multi-genre label with a focus on guiding talented musicians to meet with the right industry people and bring their sound to the masses, from pop, rock, metal, and hip hop, to dance, indie and experimental music.

Triptych Music help manage, record, and distribute new talent from local musicians to international superstardom and everything in between.

Lauren Reynolds is the front woman for Triptych Music and has been involved in and around the music industry for over 20 years. Starting with local and garage band management through the Wollondilly Youth Centre, and applying for and receiving grants to run events, to becoming a DJ in Sydney’s club scene and running her own small music festivals, it’s fair to say Lauren has done it all and then some.

With Degrees in event management and music management, Lauren has seen the industry from the inside out at all levels, and acquired industry contacts along the way, with a strong focus on finding and nurturing talent.

Triptych Music is Laurens labour of love for music and the talents within. Having been a ghetto funk and electro swing DJ, working at and attending many psytrance, Drum N Bass and EDM events and festivals, Lauren has a highly tuned ear for seeking out talent and bring them to the fore.

Adam Hocker is the other half of Triptych Music and comes from an insurance and data analyst background, bringing a wealth of management, people skills and event knowledge to the business. 

A long-time motor sport enthusiast and car club member, Adam has been involved in running many car events from simple cruises to massive race events involving legislative bodies, track owners, racers, and attendees. 

Adam has built and raced his own car for the better part of 20 years and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, whether it’s replacing a fuel pump or setting up for an event to get the job done.

Adam is a long time Punk and Metal enthusiast with strong Grunge influences, which has shaped his musical tastes into more focused genres such as Doom Metal, Sludge, Stoner Metal and Desert Rock. 

Being a child of the 80’s Adam is also big fan of Synthwave, Dark wave, Synthpop and Retrowave which is the opposite of Adams Metal influences.